What do we do?

TMBA are property specialists and professionals that will assist you in the effective analysis of potential property investments and the management and long term success of your property investments.

We will fill the role of a full property investment management team, with additional value added services, at a fraction of the cost.

If you are questioning the current analysis and advice provided to you, we can assist with dissecting all the elements of the property and advice, and provide you with professional direction supported with valuable data and insights into and affecting your investment decisions.

If you are questioning or reviewing the current management of your property investments, our expertise in property management will provide a detailed analysis of your current services and expose any elements of bad financial and operational practice, mismanagement, fraud, theft and other areas not in the best interest of your property.

Why choose us?

With over 15 years of experience from a vast number of property businesses within the market, our team have gained valuable recognition within the property and financial industry. This diverse experience with various systems, procedures and practices, gained from various sized entities, from big corporates through to small property businesses, distinguishes us from the rest. Unlike other companies, we do not have a one track mind set based on working with a few companies. Our approach is tailor made for each client, supported by the diverse knowledge, expertise and skills we have acquired.

We provide the service of a full property investment management team without the costs involved. Typically, this would include financial managers, accountants, operations managers, admin and support staff to manage, monitor and report on your property investments.


We don’t provide a list of references which has been tweaked to exclude bad references, and include a few good references to sell a product or service. We will provide detailed CV’s for our team which includes all the companies we have worked with, and you may perform reference checks as you please.

Where can we make a difference?

We understand that owners and investors do not have the time to critically monitor their investments, from uncontrollable market and industry forces, to manageable areas such as rental and property management, maintenance and other service providers.

Full management teams are required to fulfill this role for the investor in order to monitor the overall investments and their returns.

We go beyond this role, by adding the knowledge, skills and resources that most teams do not have and manage areas not typically managed and controlled.

  1. Are your investments being managed to the correct standards, at reasonable rates?
  2. Are you paying unnecessary high levies, and rates to service providers as a result of bad management?
  3. Are correct policies, procedures and practices being applied in the management of your investment? These could lead to legal implications which could result in legal expenses and/or payments to third parties?
  4. Is the financial position presented on paper, a true reflection of the financial performance?

These are just a few of the crucial questions that need to be asked to ensure the long term success of your investment, and that you are not losing valuable funds which could be directed to additional investments, or the expansion and growth of current investments.

Do you have any concerns regarding your property?

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